Vivian Hosking-Aue, AUĒ Dance Company & The House of VA


5 JUN - 6 JUN 2024 — NOW ON SALE



Pacific Dance Festival


50 minutes



Experience "TOTO" by Vivian Hosking-Aue, AUĒ Dance Company & The House of VA. Explore blood's symbolism across physical, personal, and spiritual realms, delving into Pacific culture's connections and significance.

Step into the pulsating heart of Pacific culture with "TOTO" – a revolutionary fusion of dance and fashion that delves into the essence of blood, symbolising life, connection, and heritage. Presented by Vivian Hosking-Aue, AUĒ Dance Company & The House of VA, this electrifying show promises an unforgettable journey through contemporary Pacific dance, street moves, and the traditional Ura Kuki Airani style.

Directed and choreographed by the visionary Vivian Hosking-Aue, "TOTO" beckons audiences to explore the depths of cultural identity and spirituality. From the raw physicality of movement to the intimate realms of personal and ancestral significance, each performance unveils the intricate tapestry of Pacific traditions.

With a diverse cast of over 20 dynamic dancers, "TOTO" immerses spectators in a vibrant spectacle celebrating the richness of Pacific heritage. As Vivian Hosking-Aue invites guests to don white attire, the audience becomes an integral part of the transformative experience, symbolising purity, unity, and reverence for the journey ahead.

Prepare to be swept away by the rhythm of the islands, the energy of the streets, and the soul-stirring narratives woven into every choreographic masterpiece. "TOTO" is not merely a performance – it's a celebration of life's vitality and the enduring ties that bind us all. Join us on a journey of cultural resonance and artistic innovation that transcends boundaries and ignites the spirit.


Vivian Hosking-Aue

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